Feral Conservatives’ Breaks and Mends

Virginia Beach based duo, Feral Conservatives, have a great and unique sound. With each track sounding full of instruments that are played by only two members, Rashie Rosenfarb (vocals, mandolin, bass), and Matt Francis (drums, guitar, organ). Together Rosenfarb and Francis write and perform music I would describe as both rough and soft indie folk pop. Some sort of frankenstein of music genres that sounds better than you’d think. The rough and soft qualities sounds contradictory, and may even make Feral Conservatives sound like a tidal wave mesh of noises. When in actuality its well composed, layered and definitely entertaining even for those who fear to venture deep into folk music.

As their debut full length release, Breaks and Mends was released in November of 2012 but isn’t their only release. They’ve also released a live album humorously titled Of All The Gin Joints, In All The Towns, In All The World, The FCs Had To Play Mine, and more recently an EP titled Strive in May. The most relatable artist I could relate Feral Conservatives to is Of Monsters and Men, not just for the strong female lead but for the wide span of musical instruments used to develop similar music.

Instrumentally, as I previously said is composed fantastically and well layered. Balancing between breezy and melodic to edgy and aggressive. The distorted guitar and punchy drums are well evened out with the smooth mandolin that provides the perfect lead instrument that defines Feral Conservatives and allows them to stand out. Bands fronted by females are few and far between, which I find a shame since girls tend to have higher ranges and brighter voices. Rosenfarb’s vocals are beautiful and smooth as the cherry atop this indie folk masterpiece. The album itself flows well with each track and spans well through emotions and the creative flows used to write it.

That being said, I really like Feral Conservatives. I’ve listened to everything they have sent me and loved it. Alas I am only reviewing one album, Breaks and Mends. I give Feral Conservatives’ Breaks and Mends a 7.5/10. Please continue to keep folk music alive because the two of you are doing it right. Every new song you’ll only grow into your niche of music more and more. Thank you for the chance to review your music, I can’t wait to hear more from you!

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